Bradley Elliott

Bradley Elliott

Master Plumber / Co-Owner

Bradley started his Plumbing and Heating journey as a young apprentice 15 years ago. He always had a fresh look on this “old trade”, and the industry had a lot for him to learn. Bradley is a proud alumni of George Brown College completing not only his Master in Plumbing, but also adding to his Academic Credentials by achieving his Masters as a full Heating Installer, with a G2 Natural Gas Certification.

Bradley extensive background has made him an expert trouble shooter often resolving heating or plumbing issues on his first visit. Whether it be an intricate heating issue or a complex boiler system, Bradley will not walk away until a solution is found.

His ongoing training in the industry has equipped him with the skills to help each and every home owner creating a safe and comfortable home while reducing the property’s overall carbon footprint. Bradley is a versatile technician that will quickly become a trusted partner and advisor within any projects and end goal a customer may have.

In his spare time, Bradley, our family man, enjoys taking “his ladies” (wife and daughter) out for
breakfast and gets to clear his busy mind while golfing, fishing, and playing his ritual squash games at a
local gym (Balmy Beach Club).